3 499.00 EGP
Edge 72
469.00 EGP
External HDD WD 1 T.B Element USB3
499.00 EGP
External HDD WD 1 T.B Passport Ultra
888.00 EGP
External HDD WD 2 T.B Passport Ultra
375.00 EGP
External HDD WD 500GB Element USB3
425.00 EGP
External HDD WD 500GB Passport Ultra
35.00 EGP
Flash Memory 8 GB Kingston
55.00 EGP
Flash Memory 16 GB Kingston
99.00 EGP
Flash Memory 32 GB Kingston
199.00 EGP
Flash Memory 64 GB Kingston
699.00 EGP
Old price : 2 222.00 EGP
999.00 EGP
Haier 702MS
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What is Fahem-It ?

Fahem Company  It is not a business but service company does not aim to buy and sell, but all its objectives is to educate the consumer.

when the decision to purchase and keep it out of confusion and fear which may take place in them before you buy.

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Support Center

we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online